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Aero Anglia was started by David and Jane Young in 1998, as a pilot, aircraft owner and importer of Yak 52 aircraft, David was frustrated by a shortage of reliable, efficient aircraft maintenance in the area. He acquired Poplar Aviation Maintenance, and with an exceptional amount of hard work, determination and support, Aero Anglia became a successful, trusted family business, with a long term, loyal customer base. 


Over the past 20 plus years, We have developed relationships with specialist companies to provide Non Destructive Testing, propeller overhaul, piston engine overhaul and avionics support.  We have also taken on some specialist activities ourselves, we take pride finding solutions to offer a complete service, with as much work done in house as possible.


In 2019 Aero Anglia became part of the Colne Valley Group, along with Anglian Flight Centre and Anglian War birds which offers flight instruction, PPL hire, ground school and Harvard training at Earls Colne Airfield. 


Aero Anglia has retained its autonomy, and, importantly its small team of highly experienced core staff, most of whom have been there from the very early days. Between the companies within the group a complete package from learning to fly, to aircraft ownership is available.

 Good preventative aircraft maintenancerequires conscientious and experienced people, who know what needs to be done and when. Our team has the skills, and with over 100 years of combined hands on experience we can keep you flying safely.


David Young.


Founder, licensed engineer, private pilot, David takes a slightly less active roll in the company now, but is still very much involved behind the scenes, certifying, helping out, flying aero planes and keeping an eye on us all.


Jon Young


With the company from the very beginning, Jon left school to work on the shop floor servicing aircraft. Having gained 20 plus years of experience he has now taken on David’s roll dealing with customers and suppliers. Jon is still very much “hands on” in the hangar, giving customers a direct point of contact with an experienced engineer on the shop floor.


Richard Young


Richard also started out with Aero Anglia at the very beginning, In 2005 wanting to further his career, he joined Serco, to maintain the Apache helicopter gunship at Wattisham.  Richard returned to Aero Anglia in  2019, bringing a very detailed knowledge of metal airframes, structures, modifications, repairs and a formal and rigorous approach to inspection from which we have all benefited.


Aidan Brown


Aidan’s aviation career began at Ipswich airport in the late 80’s, learning to fly and working in aircraft maintenance, as well as a Saturday job in a machine shop which sparked an interest in turning, milling, fabrication and precision. Aidan joined Aero Anglia in 2000 and has BCAR welding approval. He has now completed his part 66 exams in 2020 and although he spends a little more time in the office these days, his preferred environment is the hangar brandishing some of the numerous tools he has acquired over the last 30 years.


Michael Young


Michael joined the team in 2005 to help out around the hangar as the companies customer base and workload grew.  Michael prefers to carry out scheduled tasks, and will turn his hand to the many jobs required to keep a project moving.  In his spare time, Michael is a talented artist.



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Andrew Haggarty


The latest member of the Aeroanglia team, Andrew is a skilled machinist, precision engineer and electrical engineer who gained NICEIC Approved contractor status. Andrew has rebuilt his own Caterham 7, and even designed and built one off machines for a specific purpose. Andrew is a fast learner with a lifelong love of flying machines, and has brought many new skills and much enthusiasm to the team.

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